Individual coaching in a private studio

I welcome you to my private coaching studio in Avignon on the island of Barthelasse. Individual coaching and personalized support according to your objective.

Personal training at home

High-end and tailor-made personal trainering for a demanding French or English-speaking clientele.

Positive Experience

The Positive Experience is a moment of well-being that immerses us in a state of mind allowing us to meet the best of ourselves and of others. It is an experience that releases positive energies for body and mind, allowing you to deeply relax, marvel and let go. This timeless moment promotes collective harmony and open-mindedness.

Private event

I suggest you host an original sporting event to celebrate an important moment in your life in your farmhouse or castle during your holidays.

Sunday Workout

A fun, quirky sports session with music! The session includes fitness, cross training, and a moment of relaxation. On the program: exchanges, complicity, laughter and sharing!

Sports seminars

I offer you to create, organize and carry out your tailor-made sports team building. My goal is to give you a positive experience in the image of your company, around sport and team cohesion.

Bachelorette party

I offer you a fun and memorable sports animation for your EVJF.