Sports seminars and team building

During a sports seminar, there is this unique effervescence where all the collaborators leave aside their role and their status, to simply enjoy a moment together! In corporate personal trainering, I rely on this favorable and positive energy to anchor pleasant memories. This image of performance and group cohesion will then rekindle daily work and sustainably consolidate team spirit.

I suggest you create, organize and succeed in your tailor-made sports team building. My mission is to make you live a positive and corporate experience in the image of your company, around sport and collective intelligence. You manage the working atmosphere of your team.

  • More engagement and productivity, less boredom and procrastination

  • Better posture, less chronic pain

  • A better atmosphere, less stress

  • More communication, less tension

  • Fewer absences, depression, burnout

  • More cohesion, less conflict

  • More recognition, less criticism

  • More fun and creativity, less routine

  • More motivation, less fatigue and weariness

The positive impact of sport in your business !

Sport in the workplace: a productivity tool

ou are a dynamic company, and you have understood that sport is a necessary tool for…

  • Strengthen the cohesion of your teams and the feeling of belonging to the company,
  • Caring for the physical and mental health of human capital, which reflects the very health of the business,</li >
  • >Put people at the heart of your corporate values, to improve your image, the involvement of your employees and your profitability,
  • Propel the company into a positive and virtuous dynamic !
Corporate sports seminar at the Palais-des-Papes in Avignon
“Every Tuesday Youri comes to our Cabinet and here we are on board for a 3/ 4 hours of sport that allows us to relax, clear our heads, not to mention the good times of laughter. »
Karine L.
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Sports well-being in business Avignon

Sport and well-being in the workplace

Each company is unique, defends its values, its vision, its challenges, its objectives, its codes, its identity, its image, its constraints.

I support you in your corporate development and well-being projects, through sport and positive communication.

Many coaching activities are possible depending on your objectives, the needs and physical level of your employees and the structure of the company:

  • muscle and joint awakening,
  • musculoskeletal warm-up,
  • mental preparation,
  • stretching,
  • circuit training,
  • relaxation,
  • muscle building,
  • cardio training,
  • yoga,
  • pilates,
  • guided meditation,
  • hypnosis and NLP.

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